For starters, my name is Kevin de Rijk, hence my nickname KELDER (Kevin Leonardus De Rijk).

My biggest hobby's are: music (in a passive way, which means: listening to it) I really love music, pretty much the only reason I work at the Free Record Shop. Besides music I like working with computers and the internet, for which im currently following an education to become a ICT Administrator at Dudok College. Besides the Free Record Shop I also work at Medid, a really cool company right here in Hilversum, where I'm trying to be a System Administrator (or: Bastard Operator From Hell if you like). Beside music & the nerd stuff I just like to have fun and hang out with friends, but then again, who doesn't. For somewhat more statistic information, look below.

Last name: De Rijk
First names: Kevin Leonardus
You can call me: Kevin
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 21st of April 1982
Nationality: Dutch
Length: 1,75 mt (approx. 5ft 9'')
Weight: 65kg (approx. 144pounds)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

Also, if you're in for a treat, take a look at some Pictures